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Lawyers specialized in Social Media, New Technologies and Digital Law.

We advise content creators and
influencers, advertising companies,
agencies and individuals.

Influencer Marketing
and Social Media:
Legal Services

Legal services and consulting for content creators and businesses in the areas of data protection, contracts, intellectual property rights, security breach management and digital advertising.

Hand in hand with Legaltech, we have the necessary technology and means to provide our clients with an accessible, efficient and quality legal services.

Global Team

Our international team of lawyers, legal advisors and professionals offer customized legal advice for each client.

We optimize all our resources to deliver agile and efficient solutions wherever you are.

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Legal advice
on Social Media
for individuals

We provide legal information and consulting on the use of Social Media. Advice on the management of minors’ accounts, parental controls, cyberbullying, stalking and other crimes or situations in digital environments that require legal advice and management.

In this fast
changing world,
legal challenges…

come from
all directions.