Legal advice on Social Media for individuals

We provide legal information and consulting on the use of Social Media. Advice on the management of minors’ accounts, parental controls, cyberbullying, stalking and other crimes or situations in digital environments that require legal advice and management.
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# Removal and blocking of content on social networks

Sometimes users go beyond the limits of legality by publishing illegal, offensive or identical content that may infringe the rights of other content creators. At Social Media Legal we follow the procedural procedures established by law to guarantee the withdrawal and blocking of such content and to satisfy and safeguard the rights of our clients.

# Guidance for parents of underage users and schools

Crimes such as grooming, cyberbullying, stalking or sexting put at-risk children interacting on such platforms. In Social Media Legal we assess parents on the possible dangers that may occur and we advise them on the mechanisms for protecting and resolving this type of conflict. We offer talks to enable schools to stay up to date and manage these crises within schools.

# Cyberbullying and threats on social networks

Harassment or intimidation of users through social networks has increased in recent years. Hate messages, stalking, threats, or the spread of lies can affect the privacy of individuals using these platforms. At Social Media Legal we detect harmful and hateful comments and content against other users and take the necessary actions to identify the aggressor and end the harassment.

# Identity Impersonation in social networks

Users face an increasing number of cases of phishing, unauthorized access to an account, or the creation of a fake profile. In Social Media Legal we look after the protection of our clients in case of being a victim of any. We help document the event, alert victims’ contacts, family, or friends and recover the impersonated account.

# Protection of personal data and management of security breaches

The protection of personal data is the set of legal and computer techniques aimed at guaranteeing the rights of individuals over the control of their personal information and its confidentiality, integrity, and availability of it. At Social Media Legal we know how valuable our clients’ private information is and we guarantee its protection, as well as the management of crises that leave users vulnerable in case of leakage. We notify the competent authorities, identify those affected and determine the content that has been disseminated.

# Legal advice and use of Social Media

Within all the specific areas that we work with, we also offer general advice to solve any type of doubt that may arise in the use of Social Media.