Legal services for influencers, communication or digital marketing agencies and advertisers:

Influencer marketing has created a new market of services for those engaged in recruiting, managing or promoting the profiles of content creators. Both agencies specializing in influencers and communication, advertising and marketing agencies need guidance and advice on current legal issues that apply to this sector.

We guarantee the best professional relationship between influencers and the agencies that manage their projects, safeguarding the rights and obligations of both parties.

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Our Services

# Review and negotiation of contracts with content creators

The complexity of the technical language of some contracts can lead to confusion or misrepresentation of terms and clauses. In Social Media Legal we carry out the preparation, negotiation or review of contracts to guarantee the economic and financial security of the agencies that want to manage their relationship with content creators, influencers or brands, or that manage the contracts of their represented with other brands.

# Advertiser remuneration systems

We help define the objectives of the agencies and their clients to analyze which of the billing methods best suits their interests. We carry out an exhaustive study of the professional relationship between the advertiser and the platform to decide which form of payment is the most suitable. Study and analysis of the commercial relationship, Management of contracts and billing clauses, Claim and legal actions in case of non-compliance and conflict resolution.

# Data Potection

At Social Media Legal we help define the appropriate policies to protect the professional data of the agencies and we analyze the risks to prevent possible crises. Data management and processing, third-party data management, drafting of privacy policies, recovery of leaked information, etc.

# Intellectual Property

We offer legal services to protect Intellectual Property:

Registration of trademarks and artistic works, Management and processing of patents, Legal actions to protect intellectual property, Authorization of the right holder, Protection of industrial secrets, Resolution of crises or risks, Protection and defense of economic inventions, etc.

# Legal security of digital marketing and advertising

At Social Media Legal we help to comply with the legal obligations of agencies in Social Media, we advise on consumer rights issues and resolve cases of misleading, illegal or unfair advertising. Adaptation to current legislation, specialized legal advice, risk prevention, drafting of contracts, conflict resolution, detection and correction of errors, etc.

# Management of security breaches and cyber attacks

At Social Media Legal we guide and advise agencies on the processes or measures they can take to guarantee their cybersecurity, we help establish effective strategies and anticipate and resolve possible crises that may occur. Risk identification, incident prevention, crisis management , notification processes, conflict resolution, adaptation to current regulations, etc.

# Risk Assessment in Social Media

We are experts in Social Media and we have the best professionals to diligently execute detailed reports on the risks to be faced. In the same way, we have all the necessary tools to alleviate possible gaps or crises that may arise, thus guaranteeing the social, economic and financial well-being of our clients. Risk assessment, Planning of protocols and guidelines, Conflict resolution, Legal actions, General advice, Identification of key points, Management of social networks, etc.

# General advice

We have the best professionals in the Social Media and New Technologies sector to act quickly and effectively in any situation. We manage crises and legal disputes, advise and guide on rights and obligations.